Before you toss out your nice jewelry because of a small problem, you might want to see about getting it fixed. There might be a few different places that offer jewelry repair services in your area. But, how do you know if your jewelry is even able to be repaired? Keep reading to learn more.

One Or More Prongs On A Ring Have Broken Off

It is not uncommon for one or more of the prongs on a ring to become damaged or even completely break off. The prongs are usually fairly thin and the higher the setting on the ring, the more often the prongs are likely to get bumped off of things. Don't throw away the ring just yet. You can take it somewhere that offers jewelry repair services and they can add new prongs to your ring.

Your Earring Posts Are Bent Or Causing An Allergic Reaction

You do not have to throw out the nice earrings that you love so much, but that are causing you problems. Whether the earring posts are bent, broken, or simply causing you to have an allergic reaction, you can have them replaced. Just make sure that you are explaining any sensitivities you have had to the metal to the repair technician so they can select a better metal for the replacement posts.

The Chain Broke

Whether you have a gold, silver, or even platinum chain, it can be repaired if it has broke in any place. Even if the break happened at the clasp, the jewelry repair technician will be able to help you. While they are at it, you can always have them adjust the length of the chain if you never really liked its original length. Since there is already a break in the chain, it will be easy enough to adjust the length before they put it back together. It may not cost too much more to do so unless you are requesting additional length because then you are paying for more precious metal.

Ask for a price quote and an estimated time for how long it will take to complete the repairs. You might be able to wait there while the work is done or you might have to drop it off and come back at a later time to retrieve it. 

For more information about this, contact a jewelry repair service in your area today.