The ring you decide to propose with should be carefully chosen. Not only does it have to wow your partner when they first see it, but your fiance should also enjoy looking at it each day. Of course, the ring must also fit within your budget and meet any other requirements. As you compare rings, here are four strong reasons to get a vintage diamond engagement ring.

Unique Style

A vintage ring will have a unique style that's not commonly found among contemporary engagement ring designs. You might choose the vintage style because that's what you and your fiance prefer. It'll also get noticed more—even after they wear it for years—because few other people will have one like it.

Greater Value

Because vintage diamond engagement rings are preowned, they cost much less than brand new rings. The lower price not only helps you save money but also allows you to get a much nicer ring than you otherwise could afford. Depending on your preferences, you might be able to pay for a vintage ring that has a:

  • Larger main diamond
  • Clearer main diamond
  • Set of complementary diamonds
  • Few other gemstones
  • Purer precious metal band

Unlike many other preowned items, you don't have to worry about the diamond in a vintage engagement ring being too worn. Diamonds are an extremely hard gem, and they usually don't sustain scratches or dings even when worn daily.

The metal of a diamond engagement ring might be a little scratched up, as diamonds are harder than many of the metal bands that they're set into. A diamond can be reset onto a new metal band, though, or the band can be polished by a jeweler so that it looks new.

More Eco-Friendly

Choosing a vintage diamond engagement ring is more environmentally friendly than buying a new one. A new diamond would have been recently mined, which requires emitting carbon emissions both during the mining process and when shipping. 

A vintage diamond ring was mined long ago and already owned—no additional emissions are needed to mine it. Carbon emissions from shipping may even be negligible if the ring is purchased from a local seller, who may have bought it off of someone who lives in the area.

Possible Heirloom

If you have a vintage diamond engagement ring from a deceased family member, the ring could also be an heirloom. Heirloom rings are less commonly available, but they're special if you do have an opportunity to use one.

If you are interested in a vintage diamond engagement ring, visit a jeweler near you.