While your local jewelry store likely carries several pieces of jewelry that relate to the Bible — different sizes of cross pendants, for example — you may have a deep connection with this book and want a piece of jewelry that carries a special significance to you. If so, you may wish to sit down with a custom jeweler, come up with a design that appeals to you, and then wait for the jeweler to complete the piece. If this idea is of interest to you, it's useful to come up with some rough designs that you can take to the jeweler to discuss. Here are some Bible-themed ideas that you may wish to consider.

Book, Chapter, And Verse

If you're someone who enjoys reading the Bible regularly, it's almost certain that there are several books, chapters, and verses that carry a special significance to you. Perhaps one of these passages has helped you through a challenging time in your life, for example. There are all sorts of ways that a Bible book, chapter, and verse can appear on a piece of custom jewelry. You'll likely want this information engraved, and your custom jeweler will be able to do so on a necklace pendant, around a ring, or on a bracelet.

Important Date

For people who came to discover the Bible on their own, it's common to remember one or more significant dates. For example, you might easily recall the date that you first decided to read the Bible, or maybe you know the date where something clicked for you and you decided that you'd live your life according to the words of this book. The importance of this date can make it a focal point on a piece of custom jewelry. There are all sorts of options for engraving this date on different pieces of jewelry, but you may also wish to have your jeweler create a die-cut metal charm that is shaped like the date. You can then hang this charm from a bracelet.

Keyword Charms

Another idea to consider is to have your custom jewelry design professional create a series of charms, each of which features a keyword from a passage of the Bible that means something to you. The length of most passages means that they can be too long to fit on most pieces of jewelry, but a series of charms that each depict a few keywords can remind you of a special passage. You can even choose which shapes you want the charms to be.