Wedding bands are often reserved for men's wedding rings or placed alongside an engagement ring as an accent piece. Not too often are women's wedding bands considered a thing because they tend to be plainer in design and have a more streamlined look.

Wedding bands can be uniquely fashionable in their very design, and if you have one custom-made for your own finger, you can make your own truly fashionable. At a loss for ideas? Here are some ways you can make wedding bands as uniquely fashion-forward as you are.

Add some unique stones

Everyone knows you can adorn wedding bands with diamonds, and this trend is often referred to as an eternity band or ring. Take this trend in wedding bands to the next level by putting in a whole new stone, such as moonstone, amber, jade, or other stone you love. Gemstones can be chosen based on their healing properties, color, price, composition, and more, and you're not limited to just one type of stone or color.

The more variety you use, the more unique your wedding band can be. If you want lots of bling, consider stacking wedding bands in a variety of stones to really make your fashionable choice pop.

Change out your metal

Classic white and yellow gold are often chosen for wedding bands. If you want to stand out, consider adding rose gold to the mix or consider wedding bands made of Black Hills gold. Simply mixing and matching the metals you use in a wedding band can make it truly unique and fashionable in the most forward yet simple way.

Don't forget texture

Etched or stamped wedding bands have a unique texture that makes them ornate, even if they are just a simple band with no stone at all. You can choose the stamping technique you want to use on your wedding band so it resembles pitted stone or some other design. Wedding bands with texture often reflect light in a unique and fun way, similar to the way a cut on a stone does, and texture also adds a new dimension to an otherwise classically plain ring.

There are so many ways to make wedding bands uniquely fashionable and fun. Speak to your jeweler about having custom wedding bands made for you and your significant other to add even more unique appeal to the wedding bands you choose. Your budget and personal style will determine what you can have done to wedding bands to make them unique.

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