Congratulations on your new engagement! When those wedding bells are ringing, it can be hard to focus on anything else, especially when you have a sparkly new ring on that very special finger. However, taking your ring for granted is a mistake many newly engaged couples face. Here are three ways to protect your new engagement ring from loss and damage. 

1. Give It A Good Home

When you are wearing a piece of jewelry for the first time, it can be easy to lose it. Whether you take off your ring temporarily to wash your face at night or remove it to show it off to a coworker, not having your ring in one of its main spots makes it easy to lose your new piece of jewelry quickly. 

To keep track of your ring, create a few main "homes" for your ring, such as on your finger, in your jewelry box, or on the ring stand by your bedside table. Only keep the ring in one of those places, and only make very rare exceptions when you absolutely have to. That way, you will know where it is, and avoid an expensive loss. 

2. Report Any Problems

Problems with your ring can pop up quickly and be easy to ignore. From loose prongs to gold that doesn't look quite right, it is crucial to report new issues to your jeweler as soon as possible. Keep a close eye on your ring, and anytime you spot changes, give your jeweler a call. Ask about issues with prongs, settings, or even material texture, since a few issues can really cause significant problems in the long run. By seeking proactive repairs, you can keep your ring in better shape. 

3. Avoid Common Jewelry Killers

Whatever you do, try to avoid common jewelry killers, such as gritty surfaces or chlorine. Halogen compounds, such as chlorine and bromine, can dissolve gold, which is particularly damaging to the thinner, finer parts of the ring, such as the prong area. Avoid any materials that could damage your ring, or wear gloves whenever you do housework or projects. 

Remember, anytime you have questions about your engagement ring, your jeweler is there to help. In addition to taking care of essential tasks like cleaning your ring or tightening those prongs, jewelers can also answer any questions you may have about adding to or adjusting your ring, in case you decide to change anything before your big day.