Did you find exquisite jewelry at an estate sale? If so, maybe you bought some of the items knowing that they were going to need to be repaired. Some of the repairs can probably be done by tools you have right in your home. Other pieces might need estate jewelry repair services that will need to be done by experts.

Estate Jewelry ​Repairs You Can Do Yourself 

Maybe you bought vintage costume jewelry at the estate sale. Those items might need minor repairs.

For example, maybe you bought a set of clip-on earrings whose clip-on mechanism is loose. Take a tiny screwdriver and tighten the screws that hold the mechanism in place. 

Are some of the costume jewelry pieces missing faux pearls and other faux gemstones? You can probably buy the very items that are needed to replace them right at the hobby store where you buy other arts and craft items. Strong glue will make the replacements secure. 

Maybe you bought a costume jewelry dinner ring that's too large. If so, maybe you don't want to spend money on resizing it.  If that's true, just buy a tiny little mechanism that slips into the back of the ring to make it the size you need. 

Use Estate Jewelry Repair Services 

Some of the valuable jewelry you bought at the estate sale might need to be repaired by professionals. Of course, that will cost money, but it will probably be a lot more affordable than you thought it would be. In addition, if the jewelry is valuable, the cost of repairs will be worth every penny you spend.

Maybe the clasp on a pearl necklace is broken. The repair person can replace it with a clasp that will look very much like the original one. Or, the pearl necklace might need to be restrung. That's another job that estate jewelry repair services can handle for you.

Were you fortunate enough to find beautiful brooches that have real gemstones in them? If any of the stones are missing, the repair person will replace them. 

In fact, the repair person can add totally different gemstones. For instance, maybe the brooch is a Christmas tree with only tiny rubies in it. If you want things like tiny sapphires, emeralds, and other gemstones as part of the design, that can happen.

Besides repairing your estate jewelry, the repairperson will also clean the entire piece until it looks like new. Proper cleansers will be used that won't damage any of the pieces.