Older jewelry is often unique, artistic and exudes charm even after it has become too fragile to repair and wear safely. Many pieces are heirloom items that have been in the family for generations. When they are no longer wearable, they are often tucked in drawers or left in jewelry boxes where they cannot be appreciated. Instead of hiding these lovely items away it is more fun to put them on display so they are enjoyed. There are many ways to arrange older jewelry into an attractive artwork for the home, but it is important to do it properly to avoid damaging something that is valuable or meaningful. 

How to Display 

The safest method is to have the jewelry displayed in sealed shadow boxes.  Mounting and displaying antique jewelry with archival quality materials will prevent chemical reactions or damage the integrity of the items. A professional framing company will have the material available to do this work safely. If this seems too formal, there are a number of other ways to display jewelry.

  • Hang the pieces on a beautiful vintage jewelry stand and display alone on a small shelf.
  • Drape necklaces and bracelets over the necks of beautiful antique decorative bottles.
  • Use small nails or cup hooks to hang the pieces inside an ornate glass-free frame. Paint the interior and frame a single solid color like black or white that will make the jewelry stand out better. 
  • Purchase jewelry shop mannequin busts or hand stands and display the items in a grouping on a table or a shelf.  

Avoid the Sun

Display jewelry away from direct sunlight. Even though the sun helps gems to sparkle, its rays will also age the products too. Some gems like amethyst and smoky quartz can fade when they are exposed to the sunlight. Opals may dry out and could become hazy, discolored or crack if exposed to the sun too often. 

Shield From Chemicals

In a display case, the jewelry will be shielded from chemicals in the environment. If the jewelry is openly displayed, it has to be protected from the chemicals used in the home. This includes any type of spray like furniture polish, glass cleaner and air freshener. Also, remember to be cautious when spraying hair spray or applying perfume near the display. 

It is not necessary to wait until jewelry is inherited to create a beautiful vintage display. Estate sales, flea markets, and many thrift shops offer a great selection of jewelry that is bold, bright and eye-catching. Many items that are too damaged to wear are sold inexpensively and are perfect for transforming into a new work of art. For more information, contact a business such as Rhonda's Jewelry.