Do you have a little superstar in your family who deserves an amazing birthday party? If your child loves bling, you can make a dream party a reality. Here's how. 

Make Invitations That Sparkle

Start the party with some invitations that shine like your little birthday star. You can easily buy or make a traditional birthday invitation and then jazz it up with glue and glitter. 

For a do-it-yourself invitation with sparkle, go to your craft store to get shiny paper and rhinestones that you can glue to your invitations. 

Use wording like, "Sparkle and Shine with Lindsay! It's a Birthday Bash that Brings the Bling!"

Binge on Bling

Gather up any fashion jewelry you no longer wear, and ask friends and family to give you theirs. Then hit yard sales, pawn shops and used jewelry stores for inexpensive treasures. 

You can clean old jewelry by soaking it in warm water with a drop of gentle dish detergent. Then scrub it with a toothbrush. You can remove stuck on dirt with a toothpick.

Create Custom Cupcakes

Make cupcakes using a mix from a box and then ice them with white or light colored frosting. You can buy cake decorating icing and sprinkles that come in sparkling colors. Use these for decoration. 

Buy some fake gemstone rings to top each cupcake—the tackier the better. 

Fashion Fun

The highlight of your party will be the diva fashion show. Spread out the jewelry and some dress up accessories like scarves and hats for your guests. Allow them to dress themselves any way they like. You can also provide makeup if you feel that it is appropriate. 

Create a runway using battery powered lights, and play some popular dance music. Have each guest take at least one turn modeling on the runway. Be sure to have your video camera ready. Take each child's picture as well as a picture of the whole group. Send copies of these with thank-you notes. 

Classic Twists

Give classic party games a diva like twist. Here are some ideas. 

  • Pin the earring on the supermodel
  • Play dull, dull, sparkle instead of duck, duck, goose. 
  • Toss clunky necklaces back and forth to partners, moving one step back each round until one team is left. 
  • Transform a ring toss kit by gluing rhinestones to the rings. Have guests toss the rings around a pole covered in glitter. 

Sunglass Sparkle Craft

This fun craft project can get a little messy, so do it outside or put down a tarp first. 

Give each guest a pair of cheap plastic sunglasses and a bottle of glue. Offer plenty of glitter in various colors and allow guests to decorate their own specialized sunglasses. 

Flashy Favors

Send each party guest home with a bag of jewels. Write guests' names on their bags with glitter pens. You can also include candy rings and necklaces. To really up the ante, offer party favors of jewelry from a company like Fashionest.

It's easy to create a party with bling. All you need is some imagination and some old jewelry.