Engagement rings are the traditional symbol of love between two people that wish to be joined together forever. There is much to consider when choosing an engagement ring that represents this love. If you want to design or choose a meaningful engagement ring, here are some options to consider:

Meaningful Design - An engagement ring that has a personal and symbolic design will be the most meaningful. Precious metals can be fashioned into classic symbols of love and longevity such as a Celtic knot, a Greek key, a Turk's head knot, and many others. Another personalization option is to engrave poetry around the interior perimeter of an engagement ring, such as "Let love abide 'til death divide." You can also engrave both of your birth dates or names inside the ring. Whatever symbol or quotation is meaningful to both of you can be engraved inside an engagement ring. 

Gemstones - Throughout history, diamonds have been set into engagement rings. There are other gemstones that can also be used either alone or in combination with diamonds to make a beautiful engagement ring: 

  • Diamond: This gemstone has long been a symbol of innocence and fidelity. Diamonds were highly regarded in ancient times because it was thought that they were created when bolts of lightning hit rocks on the earth. A diamond is the hardest gem and thus makes a good choice for an engagement ring. There are many colors of diamonds available, but colorless diamonds are the most highly prized.
  • Ruby: This gem is part of the corundum family of gemstones. Rubies are the second hardest gems. A ruby is regarded as a symbol of love, vitality and loyalty. The most desirable ruby color is a deep rich red with just a hint of blue.  
  • Sapphire: This gem is also part of the corundum family of gemstones. Sapphires are the second hardest gems known to man, along with rubies. A sapphire is regarded as the symbol of heaven and joyful devotion to God. Sapphires are found in many colors, but the most valuable are deep cobalt blue. 
  • Emerald: This gem is part of the beryl family of gemstones. Emeralds are known throughout history as the symbol of faith and hope. The most valuable emeralds are deep green with just a touch of dark blue. 

Heirloom Stones - Heirloom stones are stones that have been handed down within families and used in successive engagement rings for generations. This tradition automatically incorporates personal meaning into this symbol of love between two people.  

Precious Metals - Historically, precious metals have been used to make engagement rings because of their rarity. These two precious metals are often used to make engagement rings:

  • Gold: This precious metal is available in a variety of colors depending upon purity. You can choose 18K yellow gold, 18K white gold, and 14K rose gold or any combination thereof. 
  • Platinum: This precious metal is naturally white and is extremely strong. It has a high resistance to tarnish so it is perfect metal to use for setting gemstones. 

When considering an engagement ring, there are no rules. Choose a concept and design that has meaning and symbolism for both of you and discuss your ideas with a jeweler. Choose engagement rings that are unique and are a personal expression of love for the two of you. Consider a company like Rinehart Brothers Jewelers for your engagement rings.