Your jewelry may be some of the most valuable possessions that you own. However, you may not be particularly well-informed about the type of care jewelry needs to keep it in great shape. This can contribute to the jewelry showing visible signs of wear. By being equipped with the answers to the following couple of questions, you can have a much better idea about the importance of having your jewelry professionally cleaned as well as the steps for repairing issues with the precious stones.

Why Is It Important To Have Jewelry Professionally Cleaned?

Over the course of time, jewelry will start to accumulate dirt, dust and oils from the skin. These materials can severely dull the jewelry and may contribute to the formation of deep scratches in the metal. Mitigating this problem will require you to have the jewelry professionally cleaned at least once every couple of years. While there are commercially available jewelry cleaning products, you may want to avoid using this option because these substances can gradually corrode the metal, or you may accidentally scratch the jewelry during the cleaning. During a professional cleaning, powerful chemicals are used to loosen and dissolve dirt and oil, and any remaining dirt or grime is carefully removed by hand.

What Can Be Done For A Loose Or Missing Stone?

Precious stones are often the centerpieces of jewelry items. Unfortunately, these stones can start to become loose or they may fall out over the years. When this happens, it is important to note that jewelry repair technicians, such as those at the Jewelry Clinic, will be able to quickly repair this problem. If the stone is loose, these professionals can use either special adhesives to firmly secure the gem to the metal or they can tighten the pins holding the stone in place.

In many cases, this type of repair can be completed in a matter of hours. However, if the pins that hold the stone in place have suffered damage, this type of repair may take a couple of days. This is because the repair professional may need to order custom replacement pins.  

Getting the most from jewelry is important due to the sizable investment these accessories represent, but jewelry care is a task that many people may not be very familiar with. In these instances, knowing the importance of having your jewelry professionally cleaned as well as the steps for repairing loose or missing stones will give you a better understanding of how to keep your jewelry in the best condition possible.