With more and more brides today opting for "non-traditional" trends at their weddings, there's one theme that's more popular than ever before: camouflage. For outdoor enthusiasts, there's no better way to make your wedding day a special tribute to who you are than by incorporating camouflage patters into the big day. But many brides don't even know what sort of camouflage wedding accessories are available. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is the bride's wedding dress or the wedding cake, and there are brides who choose to go all out and use camouflage for those -- but here's a look at four of the best ways (that are a little more subtle) for a bride and groom to use camouflage in their wedding.


The invitation is the first detail that many brides plan, simply because they usually get sent out six to eight weeks before the ceremony. Invitations set the tone for a wedding, and usually incorporate the celebration's color scheme, so if you're interested in using camouflage at a wedding, the invitations are a great place to start! Give your guests a peek at what's to come with an invitation covered in shades of military green, or even pink camo for a more feminine look.

The bride's garter

Of course, there are full camouflage wedding dresses, but that's a bit much for many brides. Using a camouflage garter though, is a small (and sort of sneaky) way to incorporate camo into your wedding attire. If the groom is especially in to camo, a camouflage pattern garter can be a fun surprise.


Camouflage wedding napkins coupled with a solid green table cloth is a great way to use camo in the dining area without overdoing it. Camouflage tablecloths are certainly available, but would probably be a little much for most receptions.

The bride's shoes

For the bride who wants a little camo to be seen as part of her ensemble, but doesn't want to have a full-fledged camouflage wedding dress, consider having camo (or green shaded) shoes. Camo shoes would still be very visible on the bride, but wouldn't be the focal point. Military green shoes would pop against a white dress, and would provide a great natural look.

If you're incorporating camo into your wedding day, it's no doubt an important pattern to your marriage! When you incorporate camouflage into your wedding day though, it's usually only for that day. Why not make camouflage a lasting memory and celebration of your love with a set of camo wedding rings?