Collecting coins is very much like a treasure hunt, particularly if you are seeking circulating coins to add to your collection. One great item to keep an eye out for is the rare liberty head nickel. Made from 1883 to 1913, any liberty head coin will be worth far more than five cents. However, some can be worth as much as $2,000! While the Holy Grail of unobtainable nickels is the revered and uncirculated 1913 nickel that is valued up to over 4 million dollars, for those realistically seeking nickels in everyday life, here are some tips to help you find them.

Always Check Your Pocket Change

Since there are still plenty of unaccounted-for valuable nickels in circulation, the best starting point is to always check the change you receive from stores. You can pay for your purchases with dollar bills, which will allow you to get plenty of change back each time you shop. Keep all the change you possibly can, and when you get home, go through each and every coin. This will ensure that you don't accidentally spend a valuable coin!

If you are really determined to find a circulating coin, you can always buy rolls of nickels from banks. Many banks do allow you to buy rolls or even boxes of used coins. This is a great way to get your hands on a lot of change in a hurry.

Haunt The Auctions

Although there are many actual coin-only auctions, your best bet to find a rare coin without paying a mint (pun intended) is to go to a regular auction that also happens to be selling off coins. These auctions don't always have "expert" coin collectors buying up everything in sight, but typically feature regular people who may or may not be all that interested in coins. This will help you get a real bargain.

Be sure to scan all of your local papers and auction listings to see if coins are listed in the sales bill. Additionally, auctions that are selling the goods of someone who collected many things are great places to check out as well, as they may have a coin or two floating around in all of their collectibles.

Essentially, always stop at garage sales, auctions, and check your change every time you get some. These are the least expensive and simplest ways to find circulating liberty head nickels that may be worth a small fortune. For more about this topic check out the sites of coin dealers near you.