Moonstone is a beautiful and mysterious stone with an opalescent appearance. This stone is often used in jewelry making, and most popularly as a ring centerpiece. Its lovely white and iridescent coloring make it akin to the opal, and it has long been revered as a special stone that captures the magic of the moon. There are several different types of moonstone that can be found in different parts of the world, and each one has its own special qualities. Here are some of the important qualities that jewelry makers look for when choosing a moonstone.

Stone Color

An ideal moonstone should be somewhat transparent and colorless, with a slightly vivid blue sheen. The best stones have a glassy finish to them, with a beautiful blue and green shimmer inside the stone. Electric blue moonstones are considered to be the best quality, and show their color a lot brighter. The color should be seen in the center of the stone and the shine is enhanced as the stone is turned at an angle. Other variations feature more greenish or yellow tones.

Stone Clarity

Much like a diamond, quality moonstones should appear to be almost clear and free of any inclusions (or damages). There may be very tiny tension cracks in the stones, which are acceptable since they are naturally formed and can enhance the moonstone's individual uniqueness. Stress cracks that are too deep and more pronounced can interfere with the clarity of the stone, and are not considered desirable traits. 

Cut of the Stone

Depending on the jewelry application of the moonstone, the cut will vary. If the stone is going to be made into a necklace, it may be polished and rounded off into a circular or oval shape. The best shape for a quality moonstone to be cut is a cabochon, which helps to feature the iridescent colors. The cabochon can be shaped into a number of different formats including a diamond shape, oval, square, and a tapered sugarloaf which is angled and has a square base. Ideal cabochons have uniform dimensions on all sides and a rounded profile. Some jewelers are now cutting moonstone into a faceted shape to enhance its natural brilliance.

Carat Weight of the Stone

Much like a diamond or other precious stone, the carat weight of moonstone can play a role in its overall value. The carat weight can vary depending on its density and size. Since it is becoming more difficult to find lager sizes of fine moonstone specimens, higher carat weight is definitely making them increase in value. This gorgeous and unusual stone makes the perfect addition to anyone's jewelry wardrobe and a moon ring will add a sense of color and style to any outfit.